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-3881. independence and all others, (202) 585-5883. send us a tweet at @cspanwj. .-mail us, journal@c-span.org let me begin with a poll taken energy and- the environment trade-offs. from an april 10 poll, americans are still divided on this energy environment trade-off. americans divide evenly when asked whether the u.s. should prioritize energy production, or environmental protection, 45%, when goals conflict. from 2000 one to 2008, americans came down on the side of the environment. since 2009, they have been divided or showed a preference for energy production. aside from a shift for the environment in the late of the gulf of mexico oil spill in april 2010. have your energy habits changed over the years, what do you think about this? we want to hear from you this morning. more polls. is it possible to reduce the effects of global warming? there may be disagreement over whether global warming exist, most, 74% of those who say there of risingvidence temperatures on earth believe it is possible to reduce the effects. just 23% say it is not possible. when asked if mayors are -- if be neededifices will
bengazhi. here's how you can tell us your 3880 four202-585- democrats -- we have this question posted on our facebook page. about 1000 participants giving their opinion. you can reach out to us via ,witter and send us an e-mail journal@c-span.org. the gallup poll was taken in september. media, showingws from 1999 to the present day. they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the mass media. goings 40% in 2012 and back to solar numbers. 55% still saying they do not have very much trust in it or none at all. when it comes to news sources and their trust in the mass media. that is the cbs news story from this week. where'd you gather news from and how do you take it in and why do you trust it? us,ou want to reach out to the numbers are -- you can also follow us on facebook, posting their opinions, you can as well. i will give you a couple of snapshots of what they are saying. when it comes to sources, out jazeera, bbc,al and public tv. you can give your sources on the phones, on facebook, or on tweet and e-mail. from new jersey, democrats line, go ahead. my favorite news sources n
motors gives an update on the u.s. auto industry. host: good morning. a live view of the u.s. capitol as the rain continues in the east. with congress and recess this week for the thanksgiving holiday, it is a getaway wednesday as millions toward planes, trains, and drive to your destination. of the busieste travel days of the year. we want to focus on the terminals, the roads and the rail lines but carry freight and passengers. this question, is america's transportation infrastructure up to 21st-century first century standards. that is the question this morning. as always, you can join in on the conversation. you can also join us on facebook or send us an e-mail or send us a tweet. this is the headline this morning, front page of " the wall street journal" -- we want to focus on the larger issue of transportation infrastructure. earlier this month the president traveling to the port orleans, saying it is time to spend more money. >> one in nine of our bridges is rated structurally deficient. more than 40% of the major highways are congested. so is our airspace. who is sittin
of u.s. electricity generation based on 2012 figures. renewable makes up about 12% of our electricity, nuclear 19%, natural gas 30%, and coal about 37%. and then of course we've all heard the stories about production in the united states. here's one from reuters that came out the beginning of october. then the "wall street journal" had a similar story about the united states overtaking russia. and they had this chart in their paper recently. take a look at where it's been and where it's going. claire mor, oklahoma, caller: thank you for c-span and thank you for taking my call. my comment is i believe we need a lot more solar focus. host: why is that? caller: well, although i'm a chemical engineer and i make my living and livelyhood in the petroleum and chemical industry, just for several reasons. ing out the fact that -- host: sir what do you do in claire more? caller: i'm a chemical engineer. host: for what company? caller: for a consulting, engineering consulting. host: where is clairemore, oklahoma? guest: just north of tulsa. host: we're focusing on cushing. are you familiar with
the expanding u.s. prison population and mandatory minimum sentences. we'll be joined by mark mauer of the sentencing project. also kevin prineo, author of host: white house officials say they are on track to have the health care website handle 50,000 simultaneous users. with theterview financial times, i ran the's president says any nuclear pact will not involve the dismantling of iran's nuclear facilities. the interim agreement could test the two countries. for is "washington journal" november 30, 2013. our first 45 minutes, we are talking about the entertainment in the street and american values. while he was in california, president obama told members of the industry there that they play a part in transferring culture and values and giving us a sense of what america is like for the world. we want to know if you agree or disagree with that statement. here is how you can call in this morning -- about 25 of you posting on our facebook page. some of you, especially on the twitter pages, you may remember it was all in california for several days that mr. obama spoke at the dreamworks
honberg. later we will talk about aid to the philippines and what role the u.s. should pay in the international crises. washington journal is next. >> host: good morning. support for showed the republican bill. many stories this morning report that many of those voting to support it are in tough political fights. what you think about democrats supporting this bill? thed you suggest about current debate over the affordable care act? if you want to give us a call over the line the numbers are on the screen. you can reach out to us on social media as well. the washington post offering a breakdown of total votes. 261 votes say yes in supporting it, that including the 39 democrats as opposed to 157 no votes including four republicans voting against the bill. when it comes to the defectors as they are listed, the for republicans one of the bill to go farther and to deal the health-care law. again, we want to ask you not only about the democratic support for the upton bill, which the president said he would veto and probably has no support in the senate, but again, 39 democrats in
today. here's how you can do so -- >> if you want to give us your thoughts on the gettysburg address via twitter you can do so. as always, you can e-mail us at span.org. >> i hear some of the speech that was delivered back on november 19, 1863. it is by president lincoln. it is rather frustrated dedicated to the great task remaining before us that we take increased devotion to the cause that they gave their last full measure of devotion. perhaps you have thoughts about these lines are presently can delivered back then. social media is available to as well. facebook is it with you can do so. we had a few people posting on this as we started this morning. ourbook.com/c-span is facebook page. you can also tweak your thoughts to that c-span wj. the associated press takes a speech thatg the defined a nation. thousands expected to gather today in gettysburg to commemorate lincoln's word. again, you may have thoughts on the speech as well. for first 45 minutes we will look at other topics, but the gettysburg address is what we want you to comment on this morning. the phone numbers will be on yo
as well. send us a tweet. or post on facebook. you can also e-mail us. let me show you the president in his own words yesterday. he was interviewed by a columnist for the paper. here is what he had to say about washington gridlock. >> when you go to other countries, the political divisions are so much more stark and wider. america, the difference between democrats and republicans, we are fighting inside the 40 yard line. >> you have fooled most people on that in the past couple of months i would say. betweenld distinguish is rhetoric and tax experts differences. -- people calles me a socialist sometime, but you have to meet a real socialist to have a real sense of what it is. i am talking about lowering the corporate tax rate. my health care reform is based on the private marketplace. stock market looking pretty good last time i checked. true that i am concerned about growing inequality in the system, but no one questions the efficacy of a market economy in terms of producing wealth and innovation and competitiveness. republicans, even the tea party, one of my favorite posting signs.
this a day of her membranes for john f. kennedy. the flag at the u.s. capitol is half-staff. a tribute to our president who died in dallas a half-century ago. this is the scene at arlington national cemetery. the final resting place for president kennedy and members of his family. we are focusing on both of these stories. we want to begin on the issue of the nuclear option. the senate action -- we want to hear from you. the numbers are on your screen. join us on facebook, send us an e-mail come a or send us a tweet. let's take a look at some of the headlines from the l.a. times. here in washington is the front page. the senate curbs the filibuster. that is the story above the fold. there is this from the dallas morning news. his courage still inspires us. the kids of 1963. this is available online at their website. story might imagine, the in the u.s. senate -- it eliminates filibusters on most nominees. here are the details. dramatic step the of eliminating filibusters for most nominations by presidents. they say this was necessary to fix a broken system. republicans say it will rupture it f
on birthrates and healthcare in the u.s.. venter of, stephanie the national center for health statistics and mark mader. topic of major discussion here in washington these days. members of congress are talking about it, city councils are voting on it, political commentators are writing about it. even the president is voicing an opinion. here he is. >> obviously, people get pretty mascots.to team names, i don't think there are any redskins fans that mean offense. i've got to say if i were the owner of the team and i knew that there was a name of my team even if it had a storied history that was offending a sizable group of people, i'd think about changing it. but i don't want to detract from the wonderful redskins fans that are here. they love their team, and rightly so come it even though they have been having a tough time this year. think all these mascots and team names related to native americans, native americans feel pretty strongly about it it i don't know whether our attachment to a particular name real, override the legitimate concerns that people have about these thin
to secure the country. bidene president joe plans to address u.s. concerns about china's recent concerns over airspace. the white house announces that a part of healthcare.gov will be turned over to hewlett-packard. they also announced that part of the website that would allow small businesses to purchase insurance will be delayed by a year. after gathering around table today with family and friends, does the conversation turned to politics? maybe you enjoy the process. maybe you do not. we want to get your thoughts on if thanksgiving is a time to talk politics. here is how you can weigh in. democrats, (202) 585-3880. republicans, (202) 585-3881. independents, (202) 585-3882. you can take a poll on our facebook page and give your responses as well. facebook.com/cspan. .ou can also send us e-mail that is journal@c-span.org. dnc started a website called your republican uncle -- yourre publicanuncle.com. responses.uggested myths, obama is a government takeover of the health care system. let's be honest, the affordable care act was born out of ideas originally proposed by republicans. it bre
. this morning in "the washington post" -- in this piece, -- joining us on the phone is tim molloy. thank you for being with us. let me begin with one of the headlines of this survey, "bad news for the president, the lowest approval rating since he took office in january 2009." what does the numbers show? it is the first visit to the sub 40 region. he had only slight disapproval numbers six weeks ago. this is a big drop. that?how significant is this has precipitated itself over a brief. ang -- over a brief period of time. everybody was talking about the rollout failing and whether you can keep your health care. through 11.ember 6 the question is can he undo the tailspin? to thatt me go back promise, because it was one that was very easy for the american people to understand. ifmany occasions he said, you like your health care you can keep it. we did not hold that specific question. clear clearly the last -- -- he has clearly, in the last week, backtracked on that. host: let me drill down some of the numbers and share what 46% think found -- the president knowingly deceived them on that promis
to know what you think the most important story is. , numbers on your phone. us on social media or leave a comment on our twitter feed. make a comment on our facebook page. address --r e-mail our lead story in the washington post is restrained nsa. mounting revelations about the extent of federal surveillance. push forving her a new significant legislative action from an industry that long tried to stay above the fray in washington. after months of calling for the government to be more transparent about its surveillance programs, tech leaders have begun demanding substantial new restraints on the national security agenc y's collection of information across the globe. the pivot marks and aggressive new posture -- marks and aggressive new posture. attentionvoting more to blunting potentially damaging actions and pushing initiatives that may prove conserve urschel -- controversial. companies sentt a letter to senate leaders on thursday. he reflected the sharpening industry strategy. they created a privacy advocate to represent civil liberty the secretive in court that oversees the nsa. tran
-0002 and for independence (202) 628-0205. you can also reach out to us on social media. twitter you can find this -- find us at the http://twitter.com/cspanwj. e-mail you can reach out journal@c-span.org. now to immigration, starting with the headline in this morning's " new york times" -- joining us now to break down the issue is david harrison. thank you for joining us by phone this morning. biggest takeaways from the president speech in san francisco yesterday? despite think everything, the talk that immigration will get done this year, is is that president obama and the white house is committed to pushing for this. it seems the president has not of gettinghe idea something done in the next few weeks, even though it seems a lot of people on capitol hill have. that speech yesterday, the president seemed inclined to support breaking the immigration reform effort down into pieces rather than a big, sweeping senate bill. does that mean it is more likely to get something done? they have been indicating it is something they would be willing to go along with. i think the division between having it in pieces and
and no question. the number is -- you can also send us an e-mail, send us a tweet, or join us on facebook.com. this is what the question looks like on our twitter page. do you think there is an opportunity to get ahead in america i? , ifd on the new gallup poll you want to check it out it is online at gallup.com. opportunitynty of to get ahead here in america. the survey was released over the last couple of days. while the u.s. has historically prided itself on an open ended mobility, celebrating rags to riches stories, rising income inequality and a normally -- and abnormally high unemployment rate can call the question just how accurate this cherished belief is. politicians have focused on reducing social inequality as a key part of their policy initiatives. fewer believing there is opportunity to get ahead. -- to get ahead." 7:00 eastern time as we moved back one hour as wheat and daylight savings time over the weekend. let's share some of the headlines from some of the newspapers around the country. a preview of the vote in new jersey and new jersey -- in new jersey and virginia as ch
economy and our workforce. host: next call is steve joining us from brooklyn, new york. republican line, good morning. think this is a terrible deal. not for israel, per se. but for the united states of america. if this deal was done five or six years ago and iran was not close to nuclearization of an atomic bomb, i'd say maybe give it a shot. iran is at the door of making a nuclear bomb. to lessen the sanctions at this point when they are so close and is sure toths, iran be deceitful, they're sure to make nuclear plants all over the place and now to suddenly trust and to ask the head of the eu who negotiated this and the one who is involved, i am just very nervous and i think it is a terrible mistake. i think america is threatened because ultimately our interest ,n the region, more than israel and not just israel, is all the arabian countries that are very concerned. i think this is a terrible mistake. obviously, they were having an effect and it looks like we just caved in. i think it is a terrible deal. host: adam schiff, a representative, says this is a positive step. i have little
us a tweet at c- cspanwj,-- @ facebook.com/cspan, or you can send us an e-mail at journal@c-span.org. here is the headline from "the los angeles times" this morning -- a 23-year-old native from new jersey who lives in los angeles. there is a larger story when it comes to the topic of airport security. this is from "the wall street journal" -- your thoughts on airport security and if you think changes need to be made in light of what happened yesterday at los angeles international airport. we divided the lines regionally. if you live in an eastern or central time zone -- again, tweets are available, post on our facebook page, and send us an e-mail. withresident was briefing the iraq he prime minister yesterday. about whatwas asked took place in the airport yesterday. here's the president's response. it butre concerned about i will let the law enforcement folks talk about it directly. host: that is the extent of the statements yesterday. there were others made from homeland security. your thoughts on airport security -- we start off with gilbert who joins us from tulsa oklah
. resulting in federal aid being sent to individuals who are deceased. >> the u.s. house and senate return to work today, one busy week of work before the thanksgiving break and it is energy that is topping the agenda this week. over on the senate side defense programs. also they continue to struggle with the issue of judicial denomination. they have a vote later this evening. of course health care is front and center both on the hill and over at the white house. lots more in the papers today. democrats areays, bristling at that comparison to president bush, but it does cause issue, president second terms. a lot written as well as recent days about the issues and problems the president's face in the second terms. i want to get your thoughts. if not by phone, you can weigh in with your comments on presidents and second terms at twitter. our e-mail is journal@c-spa n.org. dave boyer writes that a perfect storm of blunders, broken promises and rebellion in his own party over obamacare is raising doubts about whether the president can recover from the month-long debacle to govern effectively i
that could keep u.s. troops in the country until 2024. welcome to the washington journal on this thursday, november 21. beginning with the news out of the senate. harry reid reportedly moving closer to the nuclear option -- saveld save -- senate rules on filibuster. what are your thoughts on changing senate rules? contact us. for democrats the number is (202) 737-0001 or republicans (202) 737-0002 and for .ndependent (202) 628-0205 you can also reach out to us on social media. twitter is [video clip] http://twitter.com/cspanwj. we will start off with a call over the phones. thank you so much for joining us this morning. thank you. host: reported harry reid getting closer about the nuclear option. how likely is he to push that? guest: it sounds like he is increasingly likely of taking the action of going down the road of getting rid of the requirement for a super majority of 60 senators to cut off filibusters of executive, and at nominations,dicial probably excluding the supreme court. that action could come as early as today. there has been increasing could be thetoday day this all goes d
with former u.s. ambassador to the holy see and author of the global vatican. "washington journal" is next. >> secretary of state john kerry in geneva this morning in hopes .f securing a deal "wall street journal" reporting this morning. and the executive branch positions. president obama heading to the west coast sunday for several fund-raising efforts to benefit congressional party committees. announcing two different delays of the affordable care act. the enrollment. for 2015 will now start november 2014 instead of the previous planned october date. delaysouncement of these and what you think about the changes to the affordable care act. here are the numbers. "wall street journal" chose this headline to talk about delays. again, for those delays, we want to get your thoughts on this morning. phone lines are on the screen. to give you a listing of the major timeline for the affordable care act, the october 1 date was when sign-ups began. on november 30 the obama administration set a deadline for fixing healthcare.gov. come january 1, 2014, coverage begins. some of the other options in p
, for the mountain pacific 3881. 202-585- you can post on twitter or facebook and e-mail us at journal@c-span.org. in "the washington post" -- we want to hear from all of you this morning, what do you think? who are your leading candidates? republicans only. we did democrats only yesterday, talking about the next election cycle for 2014 and 2016. today, the white house in 2016. back to "the washington post" -- what do you think about who are the leading gop contenders for 2016? times" -- york vote is only this morning, who are your leading gop candidates for president in 2016? in "thel has written up ," saying thest plagiarism charges may hinder the candidate. the senator this week in a hearing, while talking about drawing tourist back to -- that is the republican senator taking a jab at chris christie, who was reelected in a second term in a landslide last week. and that the boston sunday globe this morning has a profile piece talking about the white house and the candidates for it. there have been some lengthy piece about mitt romney in 2012. he has a piece about senator ted cruz. t
us a call. if you are outside the u.s., (202) 585-3883. you can also catch up with us on your favorite social media pages. host: a very good monday morning to you. 50 years ago today, john f. kennedy was buried at arlington national cemetery. his public service was best expressed in his 1961 inaugural address. [video clip] >> asked not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. [laughter] [applause] world,ow citizens of the ask not what america will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man. [applause] arelly, whether you citizens of america or citizens of the world, ask of us here the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you, with a good conscience our when history is the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love asking his blessing and his help, but knowing that here on earth, god's work must truly be our own. ont: president kennedy january 20, 1961. that is the subject of the washingtonian piece. the shift in public service since jfk's famous appeal is that len of the story.
will discuss the gubernatorial races but we would like to use them to discuss specifically your governor on this election day. how would you richer current governor? we have a multitude of ways you can reach out to us. tell us who your governor is and what you like or don't like about that person. the phone lines are on your screen. you can tweet us and we have over 100 participants on our facebook page and you can always e-mail us. we have pulled the front pages from regional papers to show you two races of note, it's the virginia governor's race and this is from "the richmond times dispatch." go to the new jersey papers, the gubernatorial race in new jersey. mr. christie is expected to win that race. we are using these races to talk about larger gubernatorial issues and how to rate your governor. give us a sense of how your governor is doing and you can do so today. here are the numbers again -- host: we will take your calls in just a moment. we will talk a little bit about those races that we highlighted at the top of the show. helping us to break it down is alexander bern. he is the
report shows the u.s. economy gained a 200,000han expected jobs. on the international front, talks continue between the u.s. and iran on a nuclear deal. and the rocky start with the health insurance exchanges is prompting congress to extend various deadlines. new polls are showing president obama's job approval is continuing to slide. we are posing questions to democrats, are you concerned that the affordable care act and the issues will hurt the party in the 2014 and 2016 election? that is the question we pose to democrats. we want to hear from you. the phone lines are open. democrats in the eastern and central united states can call in at 202-585-3880. if you are in the mountain or pacific part of the united states, 202-585-3881. you can also catch us on your favorite social media pages, twitter, facebook, or e-mail us at journal@c-span.org. a good saturday morning to you. we want to begin with this headline from "the wall street journal closed quote -- -- "the wall street journal" -- the lessons learned from that accordingone of them, to "the wall street journal" -- we are posi
in the u.s.. we will start off with a discussion of job security or insecurity. recently, jim tankersley of the washington post had a front page story on this issue. tankersley, who is jon stewart? he is an airport worker in philadelphia. eelchairs and he makes $5.25 an hour plus tips. how did you find him? through some friends of his. i was looking for a guy that is struggling through the economy. that all a suggestion workers of his income status for failing. host: you found them to be typical of minimum wage workers? guest: yes. here is how. he has this difficult situation. he gets off at 1:30 in the morning -- gets up at 1:30 in the morning to make it in time for a 4:00 in the morning shift. he relies on public transportation. it is not very reliable or quick. he spends a lot of time during the day worrying about losing his job and playing -- paying his bills. fee eats a candy bar for lunch. these are things that lower income americans worry about more than they used to and more than other americans do. you say low income americans are worrying about this more than they used to, why
-3882. you can also send us a tweet @cspanwj or post your comments on facebook.com/c-span and e- mail us journal@c-span.org. callsl get to your phone we thoughts in a minute, but have someone joining us on the phone. everybody has known the numbers since yesterday afternoon and lots to say about them, but let's begin first with what the white house had to say when they released these numbers. [video clip] -- are you there? guest: hi. the white house was trying to downplay expectations about these numbers. everyone knew that they would be poor, and yesterday, president obama did not have anything direct to say about them, but the administration was upbeat. they said the people are online and shopping in the marketplace. they predicted that enrollment would ramp up over time, which is what we have seen in other programs like medicare part d come and the massachusetts help reform that was obamacare's predecessor. most people tend to sign up for coverage closer deadlines, so that is what the administration hopes will vindicate them after the first month, which did not go well. host: but if t
veterans of america joins us. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] morning.d monday, november 11, 2013, veterans day in the united states. you are looking at the live shot of the three services -- theicemen statue on national mall in washington dc we will be devoting our entire the to veterans issues, civilian-military divide, unemployment rate, disability benefits and several other topics but before we get to that we are opening our phone lines the morning to you to get your thoughts on who represent veterans day. the warser you believe in afghanistan and iraq have changed the face of veterans day in america. our phone lines are open now so you can give us a call. host: and we have a special line for veterans this morning -- host: and catch up on social media at twitter, facebook, and e-mail us. it is veterans day in the united states, and i want to lead with three different stories about the three different eras of veterans from three different papers today. here is "the washington times" this morning. th
you think it means when it comes to public opinion on gay rights in america today. give us a call -- with us ono catch up all your favorite social media pages. you can also e-mail us. good monday morning to you. i want to take you to the headline in today's "wall street journal." vote to procedural proceed to debate is happening today. here is the story in today's "new york times." we will be looking at more from that story later but here's the front page of today's "arizona republic." over to the "concorde monitor," the hometown paper of senator kellyayotte. we are getting your opinion on the employment nondiscrimination act. also the status of public opinion on gay rights in the united states, some comments are already coming in on our facebook agent morning. -- our facebook page this morning. that is from facebook and we want to hear your comments, our phone lines are open on this subject. we will go first to chuck from charleston, west virginia, on our line for democrats, good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to thank my senator, senator joe manchin for finally thr
on facebook or twitter as well. us.can always e-mail new york times. obama proposal worries insurers and regulators. obama tries to quite a political uproar by suggesting on thursday that consumers can keep their current health care. he said they had not been consulted in advance about the proposal. might seriously damage the new insurance marketplace. after the insurance announce the changes, insurance regulators participated in a heated conference call where many expressed deep unhappiness about the proposal. some felt the president threw them under the bus on the condition -- after the insurance announce -- some felt the president threw them under the bus. it may lead to market disruptions, said the president of the national association of insurance commissioners. 9:00ouse is coming in at to debate keeping your health care. a formal house issued veto threat of a bill offered by house republicans that would allow insurance companies to continue offering health plans that existed before the beginning of the new year. upton, ansored by fred republican of michigan. it is coming up for
-3881, and independents, all others (202) 585-3882. also, send us a tweet @cspanwj, or jointly cumbers comers asian on facebook.com/c-span, -- or join the conversation on facebook.com/c-span. it isn'tolson says -- president obama's fault that these companies have offered substandard plants designed to be revoked. clinton has been a good social club -- soldier, but he should recognize that he is wrong here. sheryl says they are moving toward total government health care -- that is what they have wanted all along. says the on affordable obama act is collapsing more and more everyday. you know when feinstein jumps ship, the holding is thinking. i love it. deb says -- paving the way for hillary, goes with whatever that centers at the time. we want to get your thoughts this morning. what do you make a president clinton saying to president obama you need to keep your promise on people's insurance coverage? while we wait for your phone calls to come in, jennifer haberkorn is politico's health- care reporter. she is on the phone. with president clinton making its comments to an online magazine. what you ma
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